Concert Herzogenrath (Germany)

Transatlantic Brass will perform at "Burg Rode" Herzogenrath (Germany) on Thursday, December 13 with a mix of classical and christmas repertoire: - Rennaissance Dances, part 1, 2 & 5 (Tylman Susato) - Fantasies for Anna, II Minuet in G major (Christopher Dedrick) - Brass Quintet no.1, opus 5 (Victor Ewald) - Have yourself a Merry … Continue reading Concert Herzogenrath (Germany)


Abdijconcertino Thorn

TransAtlantic Brass will perform at the annual 'Abdijconcertino' at the Imperial Abbey of Thorn on Sunday, December 16th. TAB presents a mix of classical and Christmas repertoire, including the famous Brass Quintet no.1 by Victor Ewald and original arrangements from the album 'A Canadian Brass Christmas'. Concert Program: Rennaissance Dances, part 1, 2 & 5 … Continue reading Abdijconcertino Thorn